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6 Days of Emergency PPKM, North Sumatra Police: CCTV Monitoring of Community Mobility Drops Drastically

Medan | IndonesiaDetik.Com – The North Sumatra Regional Police (Polda) recorded a drastic decline in community mobility during the six days of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in Medan City.

Kasatgasopsda Aman Nusa II Kombes Pol Yus Nurjaman, who is also the Director of the North Sumatra Regional Police Sabhara, said that based on field monitoring at the location of Traffic Flow Management and CCTV Monitoring, the mobility of Medan City residents within the city dropped dramatically.

“We noted a decrease in the mobility of people and vehicles during the six days of implementing Emergency PPKM in Medan City,” he said, Monday (19/7).

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According to him, the decline in the number of community mobilizations and vehicles was due to the implementation of road segment management at 31 points from outside the city and within Medan City during the implementation of Emergency PPKM.

Such as monitoring from the Manhattan Post, Cambriged Post, Binjai Junction Post, Sei Kambing Pos and several other posts as well as CCTV monitoring at ATCS Medan City, namely on Jalan Halat in smooth condition, Jl. SM Raja Amplas intersection looks smooth, Jalan MT Haryono Uniland intersection also looks smooth and the number of passing vehicles has decreased significantly.

The management of the road segment is carried out from 07.00 WIB to 00.00 WIB. The goal is for people who do not have urgent interests to stay at home in an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 spread, “said Dirsabhara.

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Yus Nurjaman said that during the implementation of the Emergency PPKM in Medan City, it was carried out massively and humanely by the TNI, Polri, Satpol PP, Dishub and the Gakkum Task Force.

“It is hoped that the implementation of the Emergency PPKM can suppress the spread of Covid-19, so that community activities can return to normal,” he concluded.(Joe)

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